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Maximize Your Investment with Self-Managed Super Fund Investments

Self Managed Super Fund Investments

Super funds are common in many countries. It basically involves investments made by a company or individual into a fund. Once invested, the money in the fund is invested in various places such as stocks, bonds, securities etc. Most of the time, this activity is done through stockbrokers who have a large number of stock shares to trade. However, self-managed super funds are also very common.

Self-Managed Super Fund Investments

How Does the Self-Managed Super Fund Work?

This works on the principle of asset allocation. The basic idea behind it is that one should invest in the things that can increase the value of the fund over time. Thus, the minimum amount allowed by an institution for investing is determined. In order to make it easier for individuals, institutions allow only a certain minimum amount.

How to Invest?

An individual, who wishes to start investing in a super fund, needs to reach the required minimum amount. Once this is achieved, he/she can proceed with the process of investment. As the minimum amount allowed is very low, most of the people tend to invest all the money they earn without considering if the money can be reinvested later. Sometimes, individuals find it difficult to understand how to invest the fund in order to maximize returns. There are various books available on the topic, which help the investor in achieving the maximum returns.

Stock Market Transactions

One of the best ways to use the fund is through stock market transactions. Since the fund can be traded easily and quickly, many companies prefer to add it to their existing portfolio instead of buying new shares from the company. There are many companies that provide assistance for investors. In fact, most of these companies offer trading platforms for those who are new to the industry or have no knowledge about stocks and shares.

Some companies also pay a dividend to their investors. It is important to remember that most of these companies follow a strict dividend policy. In the case of a company with a strict dividend policy, the investor may not be able to opt for another investment. Dividends are the major source of income for most of mutual funds. If there are no dividend payments in a given year, it is important to wait for the next year to invest in the fund.

Purpose to Invest the Self Managed Super Funds

The main aim behind self-managed funds is to ensure the growth of the fund. Therefore, the minimum amount for investments varies depending on the goals and expectations of the manager. For short-term goals, the minimum amounts are quite low. Long-term investment plans require the investors to invest more. However, the investments should have support by sound financial strategies.
When an investor opts for higher growth rates in his investments, he has toprepare to part with higher returns on his managed fund. In case of all-cash funds, it is quite easy to have high returns, but there are some risks have connections with these types of funds. Most of the companies offer low minimum investments. The funds are usually sold in bundles or segments to attract investors.


Options to Invest

Some of these funds require little effort in the management of the investments. They allow the investor to concentrate on other aspects of the business. These types of funds provide their customers with a wide variety of options. The investment objectives vary from customer to customer. To have maximum returns, it is advisable to select a minimum amount for all-cash funds.
The minimum amount depends upon the type of fund you select. One such option includes “Use of Proceeds”, or USP, funds. These funds require only minimum earnings as its minimum amount. Other types of funds may require higher returns. The minimum amount varies from company to company.

Minimum Amount for Investment

So, there are certain circumstances in which a company may not prefer to choose the minimum amount. If the minimum earnings cannot achieve, the company would not like to make such an investment decision. So, the minimum amount maybe a little above or a little below the company’s profit margin. In such cases, the fund manager would have to decide on the best option.
InterComserv: Best Self Managed Super Fund Investment Consultation

As International commercial services – Intercomserv has been helping the self managed super funds holder, So that they can invest in the right place to get the maximum profit. Intercoimserv consults the self-managed super fund’s owner to get the best ROI.

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Why Choose Intercom Serv

Why Choose Intercom Serv


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So, Self-managed super funds investments also allow investors to diversify their investments. In the case of mutual funds, the minimum amount for each investor is constant and there is no way of investing in other markets or sectors. But with self-managed funds, there is flexibility to invest in different markets. The fund manager may prefer some stocks over others, depending on his strategy and preferences. So the combination of minimum earnings and diversification will help you achieve good returns on your investments.

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll is a growing trend for many companies in developed countries like Australia and the United States. This is because the advantages of outsourcing payroll services are huge. Payroll can be a time-consuming and costly process. In addition, companies are now more concerned about controlling spending and trimming payroll costs, especially since a downturn in the global economy has made it difficult for companies to balance their budgets. As such, many payrolls outsourcing services have mushroomed on the internet and offshore. While this type of payroll outsourcing seems appealing, many companies have doubts and hesitate to outsource payroll.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

A company that is considering hiring payroll outsourcing services should first verify whether the firm is reliable or not. To do this, they should check if the provider has strong credentials; check if the company can deliver payroll services in the countries where they are operating; check the experience of the payroll outsourcing services staff in handling payrolls; find out whether the company adheres to payroll outsourcing services legislation; find out if the company adheres to payroll outsourcing services company guidelines. Furthermore, companies should also consider the additional costs involved when outsourcing payroll services. These include the training of payroll outsourcing services personnel, the cost of software used to manage payrolls, the cost of payroll taxes, plus other possible charges like payroll outsourcing services outsourcing fees, processing charges, etc.

Since it is easy to outsource payroll services, many organizations prefer to outsource payroll from an external source. This increases efficiency as the payroll outsourcing services provider will take care of the payroll function while the company focuses on other core business functions. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with payroll outsourcing services. These include the following:

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

The advantages associated with payroll outsourcing services are many.

Help to Avoid the Costs

For one, payroll outsourcing services help to avoid the cost of payroll administration. The payroll outsourcing service provider takes care of all the payroll functions including recording of hours, making payroll reports, and collecting employee payrolls.

Ensure the Record Keeping

In addition, payroll outsourcing services help to ensure that payroll record keeping complies with legal requirements such as the Big 4 bookkeeping standards and IRS regulations. Consequently.

Improve the Cash Flow

Payroll outsourcing services also help to improve cash flow and profits since a cashless employee payroll accounting system is a cost-effective payroll record-keeping technique.

Comply Data Security Policy

In case payroll outsourcing services are chosen, an organization must ensure that the payroll data security policy is complied with. This is necessary because documents that are generated using the payroll data entry software may contain sensitive corporate information. For instance, if payroll data shows some client payment, the payroll data entry software may pick this up and pass it to the client. Thereby compromising the confidentiality of the client’s business data. Thus, if data security is not following at all, the business may lose its credibility. To prevent unauthorized access to payroll data, the outsourced payroll services provider implements various security measures. Ranging from using passwords to using encrypted data storage servers.

No Need to Maintain a Payroll System

Other advantages of using payroll outsourcing services are that they do not need to maintain a payroll system. This saves payroll department expenditures. For example, when payrolls are processed in-house, payroll clerks need to buy bookkeeping software, paper, payroll supplies, and many more. These payrolls are then processed using manual processes that consume more time and generate more paper. However, payroll outsourcing services require just minimal operating costs since the outsourced payroll solution provider can pay a leasing company for the usage of its technology. Furthermore, the payroll processing solution provider has full control over the payroll data security issue.

Reduce Payroll Preparation Time

Outsourcing payroll outsourcing services are gaining popularity because of the many advantages it provides to businesses. Firstly, it reduces payroll preparation time as the payroll outsourcing services provider can provide pre-programmed paychecks.

Fast Processing of Paychecks

The payroll outsourcing services provider enables fast processing of paychecks as it eliminates the need to cut the payroll data into various pieces. In addition, the payroll outsourcing services provider can also set up an electronic timesheet system that eliminates the tedious calculations of manually computing the paychecks’ hourly wages. Lastly, the payroll outsourcing services can provide payroll solutions with data security measures such as encryption of the data to prevent theft of the payroll data.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Payroll Service Provider Company

Before choosing a payroll outsourcing services service provider, business owners have to carefully choose which service provider to contact. It is vital to look for several factors that will determine the suitability of the service provider to provide your payroll needs. For instance, a service provider that can process many paychecks in a short period of time, particularly payrolls coming in daily, should be chosen. Also, it is essential to determine the number of payroll outsourcing services a service provider can provide.

International Commercial Services: The Best Payroll Servicing Provider Company in Australia

International Commercial Services is the best accounting and taxation services provider company in Sydney. We have been working professionally for the last 10 years. Also, we have a very long experience and the best taxation professionals in Sydney. Our firm is reputed and well known in Sydney and in the tech capitals of the world. We have been helping so many businesses to solve the accounting, payroll & taxation issues of their company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services

Many start-ups begin in the unique position where they begin by entering a large market with a product or service. Which is demanded by an array of customers. Potentially, you could be breaking into a unique niche where you will be dominant in your industry. Or you may have a good service that offers a solution. Or benefits for a long-standing problem that your target market has.

During this time, it is imperative that you concentrate on building your customer base. Also, filling orders in a timely manner, and addressing customer concerns. Essentially, this time should be used to put the customer first! The accounting and taxation aspects of your organization are often too demanding and time-consuming to deal with. With no real value being added to your product or service. Or you may not be mathematically and financially savvy to handle your own accounting and taxation preparation and lodgement. For start-ups who are dealing with these unique issues, outsourcing your accounting and taxation services to a firm like International Commercial Services, uniquely located within the heart of the Sydney CBD may be the perfect solution.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Departments

The use of an outsourced Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) firm has a vast array of benefits for start-ups and small businesses. During the early stage of your start-up, often, you will not be in a position that hiring an in-house team of accounting experts. It would be beneficial for your company to progress in your desired industry. At International Commercial Services, you are getting your local accounting, tax & payroll experts best equipped to help you with your specific operations when you need them. 

Operational Efficiency

You need your employees to work toward selling your services or products. Not focusing their time on non-value-adding functions such as office tasks and administrative tasks. With International Commercial Services taking care of your local, Australian accounting function. And also your employees should be able to put a hundred percent into the organisation to help you build your company and increase profits.

Cost Savings

For you to employ one CPA member to be a part of your team, they will often require a six-figure salary, annual leave, sick leave, or even accounting training if they are not fully qualified yet to entice them to work for you. 

With International Commercial Services, those costs are scrapped for a one-off fee calculated using the size and capacity of your business. We guarantee that we will come at a cheaper price than for you to hire your own in-house accounting team.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services from International Commercial Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services from International Commercial Services

On-Demand Access to Experts & Technology

With International Commercial Services, you have access to a combined forty years of experience and knowledge in the accounting and taxation field. Financial and tax reporting compliance is changing on a yearly basis. And as a result, you will want to ensure that your reporting obligations are up to date. And lodged in a timely manner when required. We pride ourselves on staying on top of changing regulations to benefit you, our client. So you can focus on enhancing your business, and we can look after your compliance reporting.

You will also gain access to our special accounting software rates with our partners, MYOB & Xero, which you can access any time of day to keep a track of your financial, payroll, and tax information to ensure accurate accounting work.

Scaling Accounting Easily

International Commercial Services have the amount of availability to scale your services significantly without any lag. For example, if your accounting and taxation tasks are too much for one employee to handle. Then this is no problem as we have our staff members ready to handle any challenge you throw at us. This removes the need to go through a rigorous recruitment process. Not wasting precious time on a non-value-adding process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the customer.

When you Should Consider Outsourcing your Accounting & Bookkeeping

From our experience working with various businesses located around the world, outsourcing the accounting & taxation function tend to work best when.

  • A business does not require someone to work full time. But needs a person with more skills than an average office manager, or receptionist can provide.
  • A company of any size cannot find a full-time employee with the required capabilities at an affordable cost to your organisation. 
  • A rapidly expanding company, looking for opportunities to scale their accounting & finance functions at any time.
  • Temporary extra services are required at certain times in the year. The extra time required for Business Activity Statement lodgement. And annual tax lodgement at certain times in the year,

However, it will be important to note that even if you do choose to take International Commercial Services upon our outsourcing services, a skilled and qualified person (generally the director) will still need to be actively involved in the process while approving invoices, making deposits, reviewing timesheets for employees, etc.

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Benefits of International Taxation Services in Australia

The international taxation services specialists at International Commercial Services are focused on advising our international clients with local operations and our Australian clients with overseas business and investment interests and requirements. We will help you set up a business structure that is both tax-effective and minimises any double taxation, along with managing compliance and the implementation of tax-effective profit-repatriation strategies for taxation services.

Our global footprint is so vast that we have our international partner firms who can help support your business in other countries if necessary.

International Tax Compliance

We will work closely and communicate concisely with you so you feel at ease with Australian tax compliance requirements but gain an understanding of how it can tie with the rest of your global organisation and be able to predict its future impact.

We understand that the Australian taxation reporting requirements can be complicated for an international business, let us help you in managing your domestic tax compliance obligations, so you can not only meet the taxation services compliance requirements but also capture the knowledge of how it correlates with the rest of your business and be able to anticipate the future of your organisation in Australia.

International Commercial Services will ensure that your reporting systems are set up to accurately report the information required for compliance in a vast array of Australian obligations so that you are kept up to date in a timely manner.

Financing a Corporate Subsidiary

Debt Finance

In Australia, it is not uncommon for companies to be financed using debt. By using debt financing, it can retain full control of the business and governance. What also makes this method popular is that the interest on repayments is tax-deductible.

However, it is important to identify the entity from which the funding is sourced as tax consequences from a director’s loan is different from one acting as a trustee or director of the company.

Equity Finance

Companies can also be financed through the issuance of shares via private equity investors, venture capitalists, or an IPO on the ASX.

The tax treatment of raising equity will vary depending on how exactly the equity was financed.

International Taxes

Transfer Pricing Rules

Transfer pricing rules have been implemented to counter international profit-sharing techniques often used by multinational entities to determine their pricing based on arm’s length methodologies.

This allows for the ATO to reallocate income or adjust deductions accordingly. The rule allows the branches and divisions of the same organisations to reflect non-arm’s length transactions between the Australian entity and the overseas entity of the same organisation.

Country-by-Country Reporting

If your global turnover exceeds AUD$1 billion, please continue reading on. There are new country-by-country reporting rules which affect significant global entities who pass the above test. Australian tax laws also contain various anti-avoidance rules that could cancel tax benefits or even alter the way in which the tax law applies for a particular entity. It is important that we help you stay on top of these rules to ensure you are not caught out unexpectedly.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Most international organisations we have come across do give their employers Fringe Benefits which are reportable in Australia.

Fringe benefits are certain benefits that have been provided to their employees or to the associates of their employees. They are not normally deductible expenses for the employee and employer alike and as such FBT would have to be payable by the organisation based on the taxable value of the benefit at the highest personal tax rate of 47%.

This allows employers to claim a deduction for the payment of FBT and eventuates in the similar tax treatment of general salary and wage income and the fringe benefits reportable provided to the employees at the top highest personal tax rate, except for certain concessionally taxed benefits.

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